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Amagaku has been released in Act 3, Now with TRIPHONES!!! :D please download her here:
Posted on 3:25 AM

【Zodiac UTAU】Extended【Amagaku】

By At-chan at 3:25 AM

Yes, one of my last uploads for a while, using amagaku's triphones. I may not update for a week or 2 because i know i failed math and latin for 2nd quarter, and mom will ground me. But im still glad i got this up in time, its a good song. Although it might be a tiny tiny bit off. i was guessing a little at timing it.

but yes, triphones in this are win :D

amagaku belongs to me, but you can use her anytime, just tell me so i know to be on the lookout for a new video with her in it! seeing people use her makes me so exited :D

UST is Koorima1 , who is badass at triphone ust's.

I love Koorima1's triphone UST's...there so easy to use...not like the stargazer one im working on.... its a bitch. I used Miku's PV for this, i dont have time to draw a picture right now.

I do love this song, its another song that i always imagined Amagaku singing, its got a good hardrock feel to it.vand triphones made it awesomer. I have fixed up her triphones, so i have them up now.

YUS! its done. lol the artwork if it wasnt in a crappy png style was actually pretty good, i just suck at making transparent backgrounds XD

so yeah, the order of UTAU's is pretty clear because i asked Lulu XD to put their names, but incase you dont feel like reading thr video:
Kamine Kumai
Sukune Suika
Hyodaji Yumi
Neko Konochi
Meine Hasami
Senritsu Azuri
Inuko Daiki
Aiko Kikyuune

I couldnt/wouldnt use anymore of the zodiacs, for 1 of 3 reasons:
1) they didnt have a voicebank
2) i couldnt figure out what they looked like
3) the song was getting to be too long (and it was, i know not everyone wants to listen to 20 minutes of tetete, which was how long it was originally with all the voicebanks i could actually find)

So yes, its done, art and all. Me and LuciferxLafeye (who i am putting to work as my official PV animator XD) worked really hard on this, please comment/rate!!

Mp3 link :

UST by Sango312

I need to redo this... after syncing this thing for 2 weeks, i find a UST thats specially made for this version *cries* WHYYYY. oh well, back to the UTAU drawing board.

I love this song, i was so happy when i found Koorima1's UST for it :D
I think Amagaku is improving too!

I liked this song, but im already moving on to remake her MMD model...and a bunch of other UTAU's. *huge project over break FTW!*