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Amagaku has been released in Act 3, Now with TRIPHONES!!! :D please download her here:
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【UTAU】 聲- Koe - 【Amagaku ACT 3】

By At-chan at 4:27 AM

Yup, her act 3 is now released!!! I hope you all enjoy her, she sounds a bit different, but much more womanly IMO anyway.

here's her new voicebank:

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[UTAU] Amagaku - Eager love Revenge

By At-chan at 6:55 AM

I thought it would be good to do a remix of this song since she already has an original cover, and i like this version much better. :D
This was originally by Rin Kagamine, and i loved it so much when i listened to it. This is the kind of music I've pictured Amagaku singing since i created her. I wanted her to sing rock and techno music, and this seemed to fit her perfectly. I did have a lot of issues with timing, there is one part in the very beggining thats still a half a second off, but hopefully you wont notice :D

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INFO: Amagaku

By At-chan at 6:05 PM

Name: Amagaku『アマガク』
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 163cm
Weight: 49kg
Character Item: Tazer
Current Voicebank: ACT III Ver. 3.0
Amagaku is the only UTAU created by Rave-P. Amagaku is loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, dynamic, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative, rebellious, sexy, and unyielding. She can be cunning, inquisitive, nervous, tense, superficial and inconsistent. She is a Scorpio born on October 30; She is Kamine Kumai's love interest, and a vampire. She dislikes it when anyone but herself is close to Kamine, aside from Sukine Suika, his cousin. She worries about someone else becoming closer to Kamine because she isn't sure how to act around him. Although she deeply cares about Kamine, she has no idea how to tell him that, and often hits him or yells at him because she is nervous. She is a very intense person and very passionate about singing, so she shows her feelings for Kamine by singing her best when he is around.
I love Nico Douga

[UTAU] We Are Pop Candy! - Amagaku G-10